Men ought always to pray and not to faint (Luke 18:1 b)
Please pray for VBS 2017

Day 1 – Monday June 19, 2017
Pray for new vision and direction for the VBS 2017 Planning Committee.

Day 2 – Tuesday June 20, 2017
Pray that all volunteers in this year’s VBS will not be hindered by any form of emergency in Jesus Name.

Day 3 – Wednesday June 21, 2017
Ask the Lord to bless all facilitators and other volunteer personnel with the Spirit of team work & love.

Day 4 – Thursday June 22, 2017
Pray for journey mercies throughout the week & peace in Lagos & all over Nigeria.

Day 5 – Friday June 23, 2017
Ask the Lord for an impressive and large turnout for the 1st and 2nd training sessions for

Day 6 – Saturday June 24, 2017
Pray that every child at this year’s VBS shall receive sound understanding  of the word of God

Day 7 – Sunday June 25, 2017
For God to release the atmosphere of His glory over the entire venue of the VBS.

Day 8 – Monday June 26, 2017
Let us pray that God’s word will arrest every stubborn child’s heart that will come to this program in Jesus Name.

Day 9 – Tuesday June 27, 2017
That every child will have divine encounter with the Lord during the VBS

Day 10 – Wednesday June 28, 2017
That God should give the children deep knowledge of the word of God for impactful living.

Day 11 – Thursday June 29, 2017
Pray that God should direct His light on the heart of every confused child

Day 12 – Friday June 30, 2017
Pray for the salvation of any unsaved child that will attend VBS this year.

Day 13 – Saturday July 1, 2017
Ask the Lord to grant our children the ease to obey God’s word.

Day 14 – Sunday July 2, 2017
That the mission project this year will mean much more to the children.

Day 15 – Monday July 3, 2017
Pray for the VBS 2017 workers to find a place in the ministry of the church after VBS.

Day 16 – Tuesday July 4, 2017
Let’s ask the Lord for the Spirit of discernment for all the counsellors so that they minister to each child at his or her point of need.

Day 17 – Wednesday July 5, 2017
Pray for God’s Spirit to touch every child in a special way so that the impact of this year’s VBS will be great and lasting.

Day 18 – Thursday July 6, 2017
That there will be complete safety of all lives & properties

Day 19 – Friday July 7, 2017
Pray for the VBS secretariat, that God will strengthen them and also make them to be proactive in discharging their duties.

Day 20 – Saturday July 8, 2017
Prayers for good weather throughout the period.

Day 21 – Sunday July 9, 2017
For renewed strength for all previous workers and volunteers.

Day 22  Monday July 10, 2017
Pray that the church office and administration would be endowed with wisdom and the grace to be proactive as we prepare for the VBS.

Day 23 – Tuesday July 11, 2017
That this year’s VBS will start a new wave of freshness that will bring about a revival in Ikoyi Baptist Church and beyond.

Day 24 – Wednesday July 12, 2017
For free flow of traffic for the week

Day 25 – Thursday July 13, 2017
For the catering and entertainment committee, that they will not have any accident, also that everything we will eat will do our body good.

Day 26 – Friday July 14, 2017
Pray that as we have the 2nd training session on 15th of July, both male and female shall make themselves available for VBS 2017,pray against any form of distractions.  

Day 27 – Saturday July 15, 2017
For faithful and spirit -filled volunteers

Day 28 – Sunday July 16, 2017
Let us pray for the health committee that the Lord will grant them the wisdom to put in place the best and suitable health arrangement for the period.

Day 29 – Monday July 17, 2017
Pray for the security committee today, that God will grant them divine understanding & wisdom to be discerning and sensitive to all security matters as they do their work.

Day 30 – Tuesday July 18, 2017
Pray that all the materials to be used during the teaching and the period of the VBS will carry God’s voice in the understanding of each lesson.

Day 31 – Wednesday July 19, 2017
That all career talks this year will go far in molding a great future for them

Day 32 – Thursday July 20, 2017
Pray that the host school i.e. Air Force Primary School will receive God’s full blessing for hosting this program all through the years.

Day 33 – Friday July 21, 2017
Praise and thank God for the past years that we have not recorded any case of kidnapping or child’s death during VBS, this year will not be different.

Day 34 – Saturday July 22, 2017
Pray that as children run around and play during VBS, they will not sustain injuries in Jesus name.

Day 35 – Sunday July 23, 2017
Pray that parents will show commitment and willingness to bring their kids for VBS.

Day 36 – Monday July 24, 2017
Ask that every electrical/electronic instrument to be used during VBS will work well.

Day 37 – Tuesday July 25, 2017
Let God’s favour and mercy be associated with this year’s VBS.

Day 38 – Wednesday July 26, 2017
Pray that IBC will continue to grow as it reaches out to the families of young children in our community.

Day 39 – Thursday July 27, 2017
Renewed strength and fresh anointing for our church pastor Rev. A.E. Lawal and the VBS director Rev. Mrs. Bosun Adegboyega.

Day 40 – Friday July 28, 2017
May the Lord grant us the spirit of wisdom and prudence as we implement the budget for this year.

Day 41 – Saturday July 29, 2017
That the Lord will grant clarity and utterance to all teachers and facilitators.

Day 42 – Sunday July 30, 2017
That every child under emotional & distress condition will encounter God.

Day 43 – Monday July 31, 2017
As the committee for VBS starts a week of prayer & fasting today (July 31 – August 5), ask for passion, commitment and an open heaven over our prayers.

Day 44 – Tuesday August 1, 2017
That God will grant the children the grace to open up and be involved in all the activities.

Day 45 – Wednesday August 2, 2017
Pray that the Lord will put into the hearts of our fathers &  male members to join the volunteers & facilitators.

Day 46 – Thursday August 3, 2017
That the Lord will use VBS as a unifying reunion program for families.

Day 47 – Friday August 4, 2017
As many of our children that will be coming from overseas to attend this year’s VBS, will experience safe passage to and fro in their flight.

Day 48 – Saturday August 5, 2017
That the closing ceremony this year will carry the spirit of excellence and grace.

Day 49 – Sunday August 6, 2017
That the publicity this year will be marked with a difference.

Day 50 – Monday August 7, 2017
Once again pray that as we start VBS this morning, facilitators & volunteers that have trained and made commitment to attend this year will not have issues that will take them away from rendering their service to the Lord in Jesus Name.